Intrepid sailors Tony and Ariën Knight, on Island Wanderer their Nordic Tug 42, have reached New York!   

They departed from Sidney, B.C. Canada in July 2022 and have since rolled down the mighty Mississippi, steamed across The Gulf and puttered over Lake Okeechobee to the east coast of Florida.  In January they took a delightful detour to the beautiful Bahamas and then headed up 1000 miles of the tortuous ICW with a side trip up the Potomac to Washington, DC.  After 700 hours their trusty Cummins diesel engine had to have some major repairs, the turbo was replaced as well as injectors, but soon they were on their way again and through The Chesapeake on to NYC. 

4,005 miles in 11 months, 351 days on board, 728 engine hours and 2,424 gallons of diesel.  Not bad, eh!

Ariën's meticulous planning and attention to detail and Tony's sturdy pair of sea legs have paid off, Island Wanderer is now making her way up the The Hudson River to Montreal in Canada.  See you soon !

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