Brian Kell

Brian Kell

CPYB, Yacht Broker, Fleming Yachts Specialist

Mobile 604-328-3611

I so harkened to the yacht business in the early 1980s, when I saw nothing but opportunity in a fledgling industry. It was the opportunity to work closely with an amazing cross section of people at the most positive times in their lives - when buying and selling the object of their passion - that drew me to the business. Many of the relationships that I have established in that process have grown into life long friendships.

I was also drawn to the opportunity to help grow an industry, by forming the BC Yacht Brokers Association, which continues today and is a model copied elsewhere in North America. At the same time, the yacht business allowed me to work with Roger Glassford, my partner of many years, and together to grow Grand Yachts into a polished and professional sales organization representing two world class product lines: Grand Banks and Fleming.

Perhaps most importantly, the yacht business afforded me the opportunity to grow as a person, to develop my understanding of yachts, people and cruising, and to make a difference.

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