Timothy Grady

About First Yacht Services in Lynne Creek, North Vancouver—Our Authorized Beneteau Service Centre

We are the third caretakers of a Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 40 Ventus for about 1 ½ years. She was one of four that came to Vancouver in 2004 when Wauquiez was under the ownership of Beneteau. First Yachts commissioned these boats so when I approached them to have work done on Ventus they acted like it was a wayward child coming back home. All but the youngest remembered working on some facet of the commissioning with fond memories. So with that, I outlined what I was looking for: New water tank, repair cabin heater, replace rudder bushing, replace shaft bushing, bottom paint, and new mast headlight. And from there it got a little out of hand as we realized the shaft was shot, the prop was marginal, the plumbing was clogged, hoses needed to be replaced, the alternator was loose, and flaring was needed on the keel among other things. I want to say “we” because First Yachts explained everything before working on it and why all along the way. I was never surprised at what they wished to add and Adam always responded to requests for an updated budget. They took care of Ventus like it was them going out on the high seas instead of us. Quality of work was extraordinary, and the attention to detail exemplary. Yes, it was not the cheapest place in town. I was warned by another Wauquiez owner about that but they also said it was worth every penny. Personally, I did not want to be out in a bit of a storm and wonder if it was right to go with the lowest bidder. But that is just me.

So, if any of you want your boat treated like she should be, try First Yachts. 5 out of 5, 10 out of 10, thumbs up and all that stuff. They remind me of the chief mechanic on the fighter plane. They act like it was their plane and the pilot is only borrowing it. I know that wherever I am, they know our boat and know how to take care of her.

Respectfully posted.


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