There are many benefits to boating, especially in B.C., here are just a few !

    •   There are plenty of safe anchorages in the Gulf Islands and along the Sunshine Coast.  No reservations necessary.

    •   Enjoy more scenery and less screen time.  Savour those sunsets.

    •   Spend quality time with family or if solitude is your sanctuary — it’s safe to boat alone.  You have choices.

    •   Boat all year round . . . if you really want to !  (And if your boat has heat.)  

    •   Head north or south and you will be surrounded by natural beauty:  Forests and ferns along the entire length of the BC coast with wildlife in the water.

    •   BC has many unique coastal towns with wholesome local produce to sample and talents to support. Boat responsibly and plan ahead to keep them safe.

    •   Boating is a low-impact physical activity that will keep you agile on a boat that’s right for you.  This is the era of active aging and outdoor adventures.     

    •   Most boats are self-sufficient:  Feel your independence on the water.                             

Yes, there is a financial responsibility to owning a boat.  Moorage, insurance . . . but maintenance is paramount.  And use your boat.  Invest time out on the water.  

You’ll have many years of pleasure. 

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