The British Columbia Yacht Brokers Association

The BCYBA encourages all who practice yacht brokerage to join the association.  Among other benefits, BCYBA members get training and access to Common Documents, regularly updated and vetted by lawyers to be complete, and to be fair to all parties.

New applicants must write “Broker 101” to ensure they are familiar with the documents, basic yacht design, proper handling of client funds, and different taxations and closing scenarios.  Their membership is then pending for twelve months to ensure they are following the Code of Ethics and common practices, and that they have demonstrated dedication to the profession.

This Broker 101 exam, and the 12 month pending period is unique to the BCYBA and is lauded by others associations.

Once a yacht broker has been practicing full time for a minimum of two years, they are encouraged to become a Certified Professional Yacht Broker.  The CPYB Program is governed by all seven yacht broker associations, with two members of each association making up the CPYB Certification Advisory Council.  This is a challenging 3-hour exam, and once Certified, CPYB brokers must participate in professional development activities to accumulate re-certification credits, and re-certify every three years.

Grand Yachts Inc has always been a strong proponent of industry accreditation, supporting the highest professional standards, and co-operation amongst our peers across the Province, across North America and indeed globally.  All Grand Yachts Inc brokers are BCYBA members, and all are CPYB certified, or on their way to CPYB certification.

Dry enough for you? This is really important stuff, but even I just about fell asleep re-reading it.

Off to more fun things like spending time with some wonderful people who are thinking of buying or selling their next boat!

Dave Worland

Past Chair - CPYB Certification Advisory Council

Past President - BCYBA

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