Anchoring in the Gulf Islands

In the summertime, my favourite anchorage is anywhere I can find some swinging room and something bordering on peace and quiet.

It's not always easy to find, but it is usually in the larger bays like Montague Harbour, Clam Bay or Genoa Bay.  Now that Labour Day has passed, its time to enjoy the more intimate spots.  One of my favourites is Glenthorne Passage on the West side of Prevost Island which works well in almost any weather except during a strong Northwest wind.  When the weather is not so settled, my favourite off-season anchorage is Conover Cove on Wallace Island.  When other boats are present a stern line is necessary to prevent swinging, but often, in the winter, I find I have this protected little bay to myself.

It is at times like these, when the anchor is set, and the sun proceeds to do the same, that I feel like price of admission (moorage, maintenance, etc.) is fully justified. 

Shawn Francis

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